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Established in 1986 The Hutson Motor Company has become renowned for the manufacture of the Hutson TF, an updated version of the celebrated MG of the early 50’s.

Expanding production in 1987 led us to buy Holroyd and Hall Limited, a company which supplied the restoration trade with top quality ash body frames and pattern work for nearly thirty years. Success in this area has led us to stock & manufacture all those rolling shell items which would be needed for a 'body off' restoration. Our range of quality parts and panels are constantly being expanded, and available form our 26,000sq ft factory.

“We have never sought to compete on price with any of our products, a correctly manufactured component that fits without modification and works correctly will, from our experience in vehicle manufacture cost less by the time it is on the car than one that has been turned out to a budget.” - M.A.Hutson

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